Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swatch & Review: MAC Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer

The Word of the Shay today is MAC. Love them or hate them, if you’re remotely interested in the world of beauty and cosmetics, you know this brand name.

This is my first blog post and review of any MAC product (of which I own quite a few now), and this also happens to be my very first MAC Nail Lacquer. Being a self proclaimed “Nail Junkie” this is a big moment! I had high hopes for this one and I wanted to be impressed, because this was the MOST I’ve ever paid for a nail polish, it sells for $13.00US or $15.50CAN for 10ml/0.34us fl oz.

To find out if MAC’s Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer was worth it, read on!

BadFairy2 (Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer by MAC Indoor with flash)

Before we get to the product itself, here’s a little information. Bad Fairy is one of three limited edition nail lacquers from MAC’s “Venomous Villains”, the much anticipated collaboration collection with Disney. “Venomous Villains” launched September 30th, 2010 in Canada and the USA, it has sold out in the majority of places, but if you’re lucky, you might still be able to find a few products at your local stores or counters.

Bad Fairy was released as part of the Maleficent portion of the collection, based upon the fierce and vengeful fairy from the movie “Sleeping Beauty”, a beloved classic from 1959. On a personal note, Maleficent just happens to be my very favorite Disney villain.

MAC describes Bad Fairy as “Red with red multi-changing pearl”, I think this description is accurate, but needs elaboration.  The polish is definitely a red, but certainly not a traditional version. The duo-chrome effect is gorgeous and depending on the lighting, leaves you asking “Is this polish ruby? Pink? Copper?” The answer is all of the above! Thanks to that “multi-changing pearl” effect. The base here seems to be sheer red jam-packed with shimmer that shines pink and ruby in one light and a golden coppery in another. The overall effect is lovely.

BadFairy3 (Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer by MAC Indoor with flash)

You can see the pink shine through the red in the above photos with the flash, and the copper moreso in those without, which are pictured below. Sadly, I never captured a good shot that clearly showed  how stunning and powerful the coppery gold effect can be. I wasn’t able to get any natural light shots while wearing this, but will add photos and update when I do.

BadFairy4(Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer by MAC Indoor without flash)

I applied three coats of Bad Fairy over China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier as a base, and topped with Seche Vite topcoat. Three coats was really needed to get full opaque coverage with this, since the base is rather sheer. I had no application problems and no streaking. I was impressed with the wear on this polish, it lasted without chipping for 5 days before I removed it (to switch to another polish) and I could have easily worn it longer. The only evidence that this wasn’t a fresh application was a little tip wear, which you can see in the photos, these were taken on day two or three.

Badfairy1(Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer by MAC Indoor without flash)


Unique transforming shade (very eye-catching)

Good formula/Easy application

Long lasting & chip resistant

Fun name (Bad Fairy. c’mon, you know you love it!)


Three coats needed for full coverage (not a problem for me, but I know some people dislike to go beyond two coats)

Little product (10ml compared to the normal 13-15ml of other brands)

Price point $13US/$15.50CAN (I prefer not to pay over $10 for my polish, especially if I’m getting LESS product)

No special packaging (all of the items in this collection have special Disney packaging excluding the Nail Lacquers and Pigments)

Limited edition product which sold out quickly (very hard to find within weeks)


To conclude, I’m very happy I snagged a bottle of this naughty little number while I could. Bad Fairy is a fun, unique shade and I think it would be a good addition to any collection.

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