Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our first Word of the Shay is “Welcome”.

And in that spirit, as I welcome you to my little slice of the internet, let’s explain what you’ll find here.

Whether it’s of the month, of the week, or of the day, the word is always of the Shay. That’s me, Shay, and here you’ll find my thoughts, feelings, opinions on everything and anything. Our word, our topic, the subject of these posts will include many things, we’ll be discussing pop culture and entertainment, such as movies, television, music, and those famous (or infamous) people in the “industry” who bring those to life. Also in a similar vein, books and authors. But it doesn’t stop there, my interests run the gamet, you’ll be seeing posts popping up on food and cooking, fashion and style, makeup and beauty, video games and gadgets.

If you’re a fan of reviews (as I am), you’ll be happy to know there will be plenty of reviews to be found in the coming months at “Word of the Shay”. I promise each and every review will be completely honest, unbiased and fair. So get ready for some rants and raves in the near future.

I’m completely open for suggestions of things YOU would like to see reviewed or simply discussed, so please comment below or feel free to email me anytime WordOfTheShay(at)

Till next time!

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